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Cable Restraints with Newt Sterling
Learn the fundamentals of Cable Restraints: What they are made of, how to build them, how to treat them, methods of anchoring, and setting them on the line.

Otter'ly Simple
Follow Professional Trappers Clint Locklear and Newt Sterling across Tennessee, North Carolina and Louisiana trapping Otter. Clint and Newt will show and explain locations on the mountain streams, farmland, swamps, beaver flows, coastal waterways, impoundments, ponds and fish farms. All methods of trapping otter will be covered - snares, body grip and foothold traps. You will see several toilets and how you can set them up for successful otter trapping. This is an instructional course on targeting otter - not just catching a few by accident.

Master Mink & Muskrat Snaring
Welcome to the world of Mink & Muskrat Snaring! Many trappers wonder WHY snare these fur bearers, with the body grip and foot traps available to us trappers to use. This DVD by Newt Sterling covers that exact question and more; locations, tools, etc.
Master Raccoon Snaring
Learn in great detail how to make snares and various sets for raccoon.  Featuring music by Jake Krack with the Whoopin Hollar String Band. Video  by Newt Sterling is 140 minutes
River'n With Clint & Newt
Join Newt Sterling and Clint Locklear on their river trap and snarelines. It starts in the rivers and creeks of Tennessee and ends up in Eastern North Carolina. Learn how to take red fox, coyote, bobcats, greyfox, coon, and beaver from a boat and canoe. This is an instructional tape that covers footholds, body grips and snares. Locations are covered in detail. Newt and Clint explain how to work the water and river banks to become a more successful trapper.
About Newt Sterling
Turtles By the Ton
Follow Newt Sterling and Clint Locklear on their North Carolina turtle line. Learn how they use different styles of traps and locations to catch 1,100 pounds of turtles in 4 days. Plus see how to put up your turtles for the frying pan or soup pot. Tons of turtles plus tons of turtle knowledge.
Master Wild Hog Snaring with Newt Sterling
Wild hogs become very wary of pen-type traps after a few initial catches, and quickly avoid bait sites after being shot at. Snares are an effective, fast, mobile, inexpensive method of controlling hog populations, plus are deadly on wary hogs. After considerable experimentation, Master Snaresman Newt Sterling has developed and designed equipment and methods in a system guaranteed to catch and hold hogs ranging in size from piglets to the largest boar. This in-depth 2 hour and 49 minute video contains info on neck snares, foot snares, snare treatment, shocksprings, swivels, bait stations and more.

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Master Beaver Snaring
Follow Newt Sterling to the swamps and flooded timber of North Carolina, snaring beaver with his unique methods and equipment. Learn how to avoid otters when they are out of season, and still take beaver. Learn sets that you might not typically associate with snares, and see how they are made. Learn to apply his KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) System of beaver snaring. “Master Beaver Snaring” is loaded with catch scenes, beavers and more beavers all in snares.
Newt Sterling has excellent snaring credentials. He routinely snares red and gray fox, raccoon, beaver, otter, muskrat and mink in the salt marshes around his home in Port Republic, New Jersey, and has snared coyote in Ohio. While on a bear hunting trip in Ontario he set a half-dozen snares and caught a huge timber wolf the second day. He has done plenty of demos, including the NTA Conventions, and has been an instructor at the Fur Taker's College in LaGrange, Indiana. Newt has also worked as a Predator Control Contractor with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, catching fox, coon and feral cats to protect the nests of Piping Plovers, of which there are about 600 nesting pairs in the world.

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