Snare One provides tanning services for all types of furbearers.  Send us your furs for a soft, supple professional tan.



Please use our handy form to accompany your tanning orders.
Enclose completed form and payment with your tanning order.

Bobcat and river otter pelts MUST be accompanied by their CITES seals. Prices listed are for fleshed and stretched pelts.  If your pelt needs these services, the prices noted will be doubled.

Current Prices:

Badger - $50
Beaver - $75
Bobcat - $60
Coyote - $75
Fisher - $50
Fox (Red, Grey, Kit) - $60
Fox, Ranch - $60
Mink - $25
Muskrat - $25
Nutria - $25
Opossum - $25
Otter - $75
Raccoon - $30
Skunk - $25
Weasel/Ermine - $25
Woodchuck - $25

Need information to put up your fur? Both Fur Harvesters and NAFA have pelt handling manuals online. To view, click on the links below.
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