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Expandable Polypropylene Bait Bag
Holds approximately 2 pounds of bait.

Quarles Turtle Trap
Made of 12 gauge 1"x1" wire mesh, 20" round, 36" long with net throat.  Comes with two floats and bait compartment as pictured.

D-Shaped Turtle Fyke Net
Made of #18 twine, 2" mesh, measures 23" high, 33" wide and 54" long.

About Newt Sterling

Net Needle


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Newt Sterling has excellent snaring credentials. He routinely snares red and gray fox, raccoon, beaver, otter, muskrat and mink in the salt marshes around his home in Port Republic, New Jersey, and has snared coyote in Ohio. While on a bear hunting trip in Ontario he set a half-dozen snares and caught a huge timber wolf the second day. He has done plenty of demos, including the NTA Conventions, and has been an instructor at the Fur Taker's College in LaGrange, Indiana. Newt has also worked as a Predator Control Contractor with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, catching fox, coon and feral cats to protect the nests of Piping Plovers, of which there are about 600 nesting pairs in the world.

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$135.00 Each
Call for shipping price: 609-338-7011

$135.00 Each
Call for shipping price: 609-338-7011